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Welcome friend! Grab a cup of coffee and stay a while if you want! I hope you find some sweet love stories and images that make you excited for your day, some helpful wedding planning tips, or a new lifestyle hack you can't wait to try! I love sharing anything I find that I think could help you or make your life a little easier :) I hope I can just do that with this little space on the internet!

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My favorite tried and true locations for engagement sessions in Cleveland if you have no clue where to go!

Engagement Session Locations


cleveland wedding couple

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The week of your wedding is usually the craziest, most exciting, and fast paced whirlwind of your wedding experience! You’re so close to the actual day and all of the anticipation is brewing, but it still feels like there are a million things left to do, you want to get it all done and not turn into a total bridezilla at the last minute. I have been there, friend! Here are a few things that you’ll want to tackle before your wedding day so that the day itself goes more smoothly, and you can enjoy it stress free – cause who doesn’t want that, right?

5 Tips For The Week Of Your Wedding

Wedding Planning

couple sitting on stairs and looking at each other

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I get it, adding another thing to your wedding to-do list? No thanks! Especially if it’s something you have to drag your fiancĂ© to for an hour with an engagement photographer. Most guys aren’t dying to pose in front of a camera for an hour. I completely understand! All that said, I do think there are so many great benefits to having an engagement session. So if you’re one the fence about taking engagement photos, I hope this helps you gain some clarity on what some of the benefits of getting engagement photos taken are!

5 Reasons To Take Engagement Photos

cleveland wedding photographer

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Sam and Natalie are two of the sweetest humans you will ever meet! They’re a couple that makes me feel lucky to get to be doing this! You can just tell how much they love each other, and when you’re around them you can’t help but feel ALL the feels. Check out their Acacia Reservation engagement session!

Acacia Reservation Metroparks | Engagement


Cleveland Ohio Engagement

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Sunday, March 1st truly showed up with some beautiful sunshine for Mara and Dylan’s engagement session! They chose to have their session at Camp Asbury where Dylan works. I had never been there before, and when Ethan and I got there, we spent the first 30 minutes exploring and scouting out the best locations for […]

Mara & Dylan | Winter Camp Asbury Engagement Session